Win Residences

Win Residences

Winfield, KS

The new Win Residences will bring much needed low- and moderate-income housing options to the Winfield, Kansas community. In 2021 TESSERE worked with the City of Winfield to acquire a Moderate-Income Housing Grant to bring the project to life with the goal of providing housing for workers of several large industrial businesses within the Winfield area. The project will be completed in two phases for a total of 200 units.

Project Details

Phase 1 is currently under construction, and features three buildings housing 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units. Each building is three stories tall with a stone veneer and wood paneling. Each building features its own parking, handicap accessible rooms on the first floor, and outdoor spaces for residents. Also, as part of Phase 1 will be a leasing office space, outdoor swimming pool, and commons area. Cost of construction for Phase one is $11M estimated.

Phase 2 of the project will feature five buildings for a total constructed size of 208,811 square feet. Cost of construction for Phase 2 is estimated at $17M. Construction for Phase 1 started in September of 2022, and construction completion for the whole project is expected in 2023.


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