At TESSERE, we’re your go-to team for all things design, offering a full range of services to see your project through from start to finish. We’re not just a design firm; we’re your collaborative partners, putting your project and needs at the heart of everything we do.

Our approach is a mix of creativity, know-how, and genuine care, ensuring that we truly understand what you’re looking for. Our diverse team of professionals brings a fresh perspective to your project, working together to meet your unique needs.


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At TESSERE, our commitment to our clients' projects is matched only by the substantial investment we make in ourselves and our firm. Fueled by dedicated and insightful minds, our designers at TESSERE are on a perpetual quest for innovative ways to bring our clients' visions to life. With a specialization in various industries, TESSERE architects are known for delivering not only cost-effective but also innovative and award-winning designs. As a 100 percent employee-owned company, we uphold our work to the highest standard, promising to treat your project with the same care and dedication as if it were our own.


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Civil Engineering

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Our Civil Engineering team works daily to balance our clients’ project goals with the built environment, the site, and the surrounding infrastructure to provide integrated design solutions. Through early due-diligence planning, we work with you and local jurisdictions to identify critical design criteria required to develop your project. TESSERE understands proper infrastructure sets the foundation for a strong community. Let our engineers create this balance for your project!


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Historical Preservation

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With a rich legacy dating back to 1919, our firm is deeply committed to preserving the distinctive character of heritage buildings. Armed with a profound grasp of historical renovation standards, we embark on a comprehensive journey. Our dedicated team promptly evaluates existing structures, ensuring code compliance and maximizing repurposing possibilities. Whether through a transformative total redesign or a meticulous expansion, update, and refresh, we possess the expertise to reimagine a space completely.


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Interior Design

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Our team of interior designers is second to none in creating beautiful, comfortable, and efficient environments for our clients. In our integrated approach, interiors professionals work in tandem with the architectural team, collaborating in space planning, color and finish material selection, and furnishing selection. TESSERE designers always stay one step ahead of emerging trends in creative use of color, texture, and material to best represent your project needs.


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Landscape Architecture

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Our landscape architects are responsible for the overall design of project sites. They establish drainage and grading, integrate indoor architectural design with outdoor landscaping, and create open-air spaces through plantings, paving patterns, walkways, and trails. Keeping with TESSERE's tradition of sustainable design, these team members focus on decreased water use paired with increased use of natural materials and implementation of conservation features such as rain gardens, recycled-water irrigation, and drought-resistant and native plantings.


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Master Planning

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Our experience has taught us that if we spend the time to gather all available information and listen to our clients’ needs, the stage will be set for project success. Through our master planning process, we enable the architect and client to develop a comprehensive strategy for the future development of the client’s land, building complex, and other facilities. We work to eliminate the unexpected at the onset of projects and to provide a design that supports the permitting and construction process, keeping clients informed throughout the process.


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Well before the surge in popularity of sustainable projects, TESSERE was already at the forefront of designing energy-saving facilities. Today, the commitment to effective and efficient solutions has propelled TESSERE to attain the status of a LEED Proven Provider. With a track record of over 30 projects designed and certified to LEED standards, including platinum, gold, and silver ratings, TESSERE stands as a beacon of excellence in sustainable design. Beyond formal certification, numerous projects have seamlessly integrated sustainable and energy-conscious design principles, showcasing TESSERE’s dedication to environmental responsibility. 


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TESSERE’s strong commitment to technology is reflected in our ongoing review and evaluation of production capabilities and standards. This combination of resources assures a higher quality of work for our clients. We utilize these tools to not only bring your project to life, but also for quality control and budget maximization.


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