Wichita East Police Patrol Station

Wichita East Police Patrol Station

Wichita, KS

The existing East Division police facility was collocated with a fire station adjacent to a sizable park and originally built to serve approximately 30-40 personnel. The Police Department now anticipates the total personnel to be assigned to this station to exceed 150. The City’s original intent was to use a small portion of the park to construct the new patrol station with renovations of the original structure to follow to improve the fire station and leverage the vacated police area to create a multi-purpose training and community room. Through community engagement, it was determined that the park land was not the most compatible with the neighborhood.

TESSERE led the City and Police Department through an evaluation of sites to identify a new parcel for the project. The evaluation was conducted in group format after establishment of review criteria by the Police Department that included compatibility with the neighborhood, site development impediments, law enforcement operational requirements, and cost. After ranking, an ideal site was identified and the purchase was subsequently negotiated.

Project Details

The new patrol station will have a building footprint of approximately 22,000 square feet, divided into staff office space, secure evidence storage space, locker and fitness areas, short term holding, briefing/training
space, secured reception, and public waiting. A storm shelter is also included.


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