Lee’s Summit Fire Station 4 & 5

Lee's Summit, MO

TESSERE Architecture is working with the City of Lee’s Summit to design replacement facilities for Fire Station 4 and Fire Station 5. These are the oldest fire stations in the City and serve the most northern and southern limits of Lee’s Summit. Neither fire station meets current design standards and do not include the needed space for their operations. Due to the cost and availability of land, both stations are being designed for small parcels, approximately one acre in size. This necessitates the need for a two-story design. To make design and construction as efficient as possible, these projects are being advanced as a single prototypical design that will be constructed at each site.

Current best practices with regards to contaminant control, frequently called Hot Zone design, as well as design methodology that focuses on improving mental and behavioral health and reducing sleep deprivation are being implemented on this project. Of paramount importance is the health and wellness of the crew, which guides our design decisions for all fire station projects.

Project Details

Because this project is currently in design phase, detailed cost estimating is not yet complete. It is the City’s intention to proceed with design and then evaluate budget as design progresses. TESSERE is working hand-in-hand with the Construction Manager to consider design and cost feasibility throughout all project phases.


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