University of Central Missouri cafetaria

University of Central Missouri

Warrensburg, MO

Warrensburg, Missouri

This dining facility had been out of use for years due to wear and tear and noncompliance with ADA standards, and Fitzgerald Hall residents were forced to cross campus for meal options. We worked with the University and Sodexo to bring it back to life, creating a destination for students that included an after-hours diner, unique colored-LED lighting, and a full kitchen renovation to better serve students.

Project Details

This project in Warrensburg, Missouri included a 5,881-square-foot dining area and 3,371-square-foot kitchen. The dining space also contains a late-night restaurant in 1,528 feet. This full-service dining hall includes comfort food, a grill, full salad bar, and dessert bar. It also features unique LED lighting in the after-hours portion which changes color through the evening.


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