City of Great Bend Police and Courts Facility

Great Bend, KS

TESSERE is working with the City of Great Bend, Kansas to provide comprehensive programming, design, and construction phase services for their new Police and Courts Facility. The existing facility was built in 1938 and is beyond its useful life. GLMV’s services commenced with a comprehensive programming process to gain an understanding of the operational needs of the police department and the municipal courts division. Growth of the City and department personnel was considered to allow for at least twenty years of growth.

With programming complete, TESSERE worked with stakeholders to determine the City’s vision for their future and how the project could reinforce how Great Bend will grow and evolve over time. With funding secured, the design team will work with stakeholders to refine the design, develop technical documents, and support the City during construction of the project.


Project Details

The project includes separate public lobbies for both police and courts, secure records and court clerks office areas, a courtroom with a capacity of 50, administrative and investigative offices, briefing/squad room that doubles as the storm shelter, locker and fitness areas, secure evidence storage, and a police garage. The site was identified prior to selection of design and construction teams, and was limited in size and included a municipal well water pump station house that needed to remain in place. Careful consideration of all site constraints and available utilities was required to fit the building and required parking on site.


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