Learning from Aquariums

Seal in aquarium

April 9, 2019 • Mike Clifford • ECHO Digital, ECHO Digital, Zoos + Aquariums

While zoos and aquariums share similar overall missions, they often take very different approaches. Aquariums face unique challenges and opportunities that zoos can learn from. In our last ECHO Digital topic, we explored the universally applicable solutions aquariums have developed and the questions they asked to get there.

5 Key Points

1. Similar but Different

The key areas of difference between zoos and aquariums.

2. Life in the Water

Understanding of ecosystems and complex design required for aquatic life.

3. For Animals You Eat…

How do you build empathy for animals most people are used to eating?

4. Local Impact

Focusing on local conservation work for community impact.

5. The Big Challenges

What are the biggest challenges facing aquariums in the future?


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