Uniquely Qualified: Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife

May 10, 2024 • Cait Witherspoon • Default

The world needs people and organizations to focus on what they can uniquely contribute to accelerate impact for good.

Finding purpose, clarity, and focus is a uniquely personal journey for both individuals and organizations, but a critical one for moving beyond incremental impact. Ryan’s lived experience, the founding of VETPAW, and its impact on African wildlife and veterans is a crystal-clear example of the power of finding alignment at the intersection of three key questions – “What does the world need?”, What am I deeply passionate about?, and “What am I really good at?

If we want to find solutions for animals, we have to find solutions for people.
The causes of species decline are complex and today can invariably be connected to the choices, behaviors, and systems of people and communities.  Species recovery requires not just intervention to reverse the decline, but long-term strategies to equitably inspire and empower global communities.   

Developing trust takes time & intention.
Trust is foundational to lasting relationships and sustainable change.  Even when the work feels urgent or uncertain, we need to slow down and “move at the speed of trust” (Stephen Covey).   

We can’t begin to understand everyone’s circumstances.  Recognizing the humanity of others can be transformational. 
People are messy, and it’s impossible to know the full extent of intrinsic and external factors shaping another’s behaviors.  By approaching others with empathy and curiosity, we can foster greater understanding, find common ground, and work towards shared solutions. 

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