ECHO18 Featured Topic: Healthcare

Speakers at healthcare event

June 13, 2018 • Mike Clifford • GLMV News, Zoos + Aquariums

Reactive behavior affects many aspects of our lives, including health care. During day three of ECHO, participants were able to explore the healthcare community and how it has been effectively experimenting with behavioral change for individuals, corporations, and communities.

Speakers included Dr. Lydia Cook from Summa Health, Dr. Kim Cook from Akron Zoo, and Dr. Brent Pawlecki from Goodyear. Our speakers shared challenges and bright spots from their work to help us shift from reactive conservation to preventive planetary wellness.

Dr. Lydia Cook, Summa Health

Dr. Lydia Cook, Summa Health

Dr. Kim Cook, Akron Zoo

Dr. Brent Pawlecki, Goodyear



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