Congratulations to our Newest Architect, Jeff Kuhn!

Jeff Kuhn

September 5, 2018 • Candace Wilson • General Articles, GLMV News

TESSERE is proud to congratulate Jeff Kuhn on the completion of his Architectural Registration Exams (ARE) to become a licensed architect!

During his time with GLMV, Jeff has worked on a variety of projects, including the Advanced Learning Library, Eisenhower Middle School, and multiple Dodge City K-12 school projects. He has accomplished a lot along the way and continues to apply the latest skillsets and technology to his projects.

Jeff has a strong passion for architecture, and it’s what drives him on the job daily: “To me, architecture is one way in which we interact within the world around us. As architects, we are given the opportunity to experience many different types of professions through our clients and the work we provide for them. I strive to provide our clients with the most enjoyable, economical, and sustainable interaction with architecture I can provide.”

Congratulations on your accomplishment, Jeff!