TESSERE Zoo Planning & Design Services

Our Specialized Services

Our goal is to collaboratively create spaces that foster fascination, infuse experiences with surprise and beauty, and transport the way people interact with their world.

We believe in the mission of Zoos & Aquariums, and the wilder side of TESSERE is driven by the same passions for conserving wild animals and wild places through providing transformational experiences with animals and nature. With our deep understanding of advancements in animal welfare, visitor behavior, empathy-driven design, and cutting-edge sustainable technologies, we push the boundaries to challenge assumptions and create innovative, progressive, award-winning environments that are sanctuaries for the animals that call them home and inspirational for the people that visit them. Because helping you achieve your mission is our mission, you can be assured your project will become the crown jewel of your facility.

Planning and Design Services

– Master Planning
– Architecture
– Landscape Architecture
– Interior Design
– Land Use Studies
– Needs Analysis
– Design Visualization
– LEED Consulting and Implementation
– Cost Analysis and Estimating
– Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Studies


Zoological Design Project Types

Zoos & Aquariums are uniquely positioned to promote conservation of wild animals and wild places, inspiring awe, wonder, and empathy that moves audiences to take action on behalf of animals and our natural world. Our team is ready to partner with you to create built environments that advance your mission. Take a look at some of the Zoological Design Project Types below!

- Animal habitat & exhibit design
- Aquarium design
- Animal health facility design
- Environmental education centers
- Classroom & early childhood
- Assembly spaces
- Guest amenities design
- Guest arrival and entry
- Retail and gift buildings
- Restaurant and concessions
- Parking and guest comfort
- Recreation and amusement
- Amphitheaters
- Playgrounds
- Small-gauge train
- Carousels
- Water-based play


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