SunChips Business Incubator

SunChips Business Incubator

Greensburg, KS

LEED Platinum, Greensburg, Kansas

In the aftermath of a devastating tornado that ravaged nearly 95 percent of Greensburg, Kansas, the city’s leadership embarked on a bold commitment to reconstruct as a beacon of sustainability in rural communities. Collaborating with experts from the Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, TESSERE, in partnership with BNIM, crafted a revolutionary business incubator. This facility, championed by actor Leonardo DiCaprio and supported by the USDA and SunChips, stands as a catalyst for nurturing start-ups by providing affordable office spaces for retail shops and professional services.

Project Details

Achieving LEED Platinum Certification, the building boasts over 50 percent energy savings and incorporates innovative water-reuse systems. Thoughtful design elements such as strategic window placement, light shelves, and skylights flood the incubator with natural daylight. A ground-source heat pump harnesses the moderated temperatures of the ground for efficient heating and cooling, while R-22 walls ensure optimal building performance. Notably, roof-mounted photovoltaic panels contribute 10 percent of the building's energy needs, solidifying the incubator as a shining example of sustainable, resilient architecture.


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