Chinese Garden of Friendship

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Wichita, KS

With exquisite gardening techniques and deep cultural details, the Chinese Garden of Friendship benefits the entire Wichita community and promotes the long-standing friendship with our sister city, Kaifeng, China. The elegant Sung Dynasty-style design creates a series of unique spaces found in a traditional Chinese scholar-style garden. Guarded by two Foo Dogs, the garden interior contains a replica Qingming River Festival scroll, Treasured Friend Pavilion, Thousand-Foot Bridge, Rose Wind Pavilion, one large leak window, ten smaller leak windows, and an 87-foot-long undulating dragon wall with clay porcelain roof tiles.

Project Details

Designed for Botanica, The Wichita Gardens, the detailed architecture reflects an understanding of Chinese culture and uses a sophisticated knowledge of traditional Chinese and modern American building techniques. The garden complies with all ADA regulations, and the majority was constructed with local building materials. The 0.3-acre garden is divided into two major parts: the “earthly world,” an area where people live, work, and experience earthly life, and the “heavenly or dream world,” a peaceful reflection of an ideal world.


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