Carthage Parks Master Plan

Carthage, MO

The community of Carthage was interested in exploring a vision for the development of the community’s parks and recreation activities over 10 years. In the fall 2013, the Center for Community Studies (CCS), in collaboration with the community of Carthage, explored this visioning challenge and prepared a “visioning tool kit” that outlined the issues, concerns and recommendations. From this study, the need for a parks and recreation master plan was identified.

Project Details

TESSERE has worked with the Carthage Parks and Recreation Master Plan and Dick Horton Consulting to create a community roadmap to ensure an appropriate balance of park facilities and amenities throughout the community now and into the future. The study included a system-wide approach to evaluating parks, open spaces, recreational facilities, amenities, and programs, either provided privately or publicly, in order to develop goals and priority for improvements.

TESSERE completed research, public involvement, professionally designed conceptual park designs and cost estimate components for the overall Parks and Recreation System Master Plan. The final master plan will be heavily used as a resource for future development and redevelopment of the Community’s parks, open spaces, recreational facilities, amenities, and programs over the next 10 years.


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