Bridging the Gaps with Key Conservation

March 13, 2024 • Cait Witherspoon • ECHO Digital, ECHO Digital, Zoos + Aquariums

Conservation organizations around the world are working tirelessly to save wildlife and wild places, often with limited resources. Sometimes organizations are doing similar work, but they’re not talking. And then there are talented individuals who want to help, but don’t know how to best use their skills, time, expertise, and funds.

What if there was a way to bring them all together? This is a question Megan Cromp, Founder & Director of Key Conservation, asked herself while relocating sea turtle eggs on Millionaire Beach. So, she did something about it! In February’s ECHO Digital, we heard Megan’s inspiring story of building a groundbreaking digital platform for empowering individuals and organizations to collaborate in conservation

TESSERE’s Take: 

When you believe in something, persevere. 

Once the idea for Key Conservation took root, Megan spent over seven years working in start-ups, taking online courses in web design, pitching to potential investors, and believing it was possible (even when some told her it wasn’t) before Key became a reality.


Put resources towards what’s needed.  Let go of what’s not. 

At the beginning of a project of this size, the paths can seem infinite.  By listening to the conservation community and engaging 96 worldwide organizations in beta testing, the Key Conservation team has built a platform that addresses the areas of highest need without wasting resources on features with limited application and impact.


Identifying and removing barriers can change the game. 

At its core, the Key Conservation platform aims to remove barriers to connection and collaboration.  Understanding that a significant and pervasive barrier to this internationally is shared language, Megan and her team have identified translation as a critical feature for development.  Once free of this barrier, the potential for people and organizations around the world to connect and collaborate will be exponential. 


By harnessing the unique skills, time, expertise, and funds of the collective, we accelerate impact.   

Every person and every organization has a role to play in the conservation of nature.  When we carefully consider what each uniquely offers – be it the travel industry, zoo and aquarium guests, graphic artists, film producers, accountants and beyond – we find unrealized opportunities for collaboration and specialization.


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